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Hi im a single parent to a 2 year old baby girl her farther

Customer Question

Hi im a single parent to a 2 year old baby girl her farther is named on the birth cert,due to an assault on myself from him last year i went threw a solicitor reg contact for him to see his daughter,we did one session on the contact center as my daughter was very prem at the time and i felt a cold damp church was not the place to have the contact since october last year we came to a agreement where he only wanted to see his daughter once a week and no more so he sees her one day for a couple of hours one week and he has her one night the next week he has become threating once again abusive when in my home infrount of my child and today when he came to collect his daughter he asked me to sign her over to him as i am wanting to move on in a new relationship i was refused to speak to my daughter at bedtime on the phone which is something she has always had when away from myself the farther pays no money to my daughters upbringing but i dont know if i can stop him seeing her and take it back to a solicitor and request it to go back into a contact center because of the abuse and the constant phone calls im having to deal with and threats if i move on to another relationship with another man can someone please give me advice and im very worried he has asked me to sign my daughter over to him and he is now stopping me speaking to my daughter while in his care to make sure she is happy im worried there is now a chance he will take her from me on a pre arranged visit and she will not be returned? He is demanding to speak to my daughter morning and evening seven days a week when i ask my daughter does she wish to ring her dad she says yes or then she might say no and he is demanding that i make her speak to him on the phone calls is this also allowed? there has never been social services involved no court orders he has only ever seen my daughter since she was born once a week but continues to use my daughter to gain into my home and he is turning up unanounced and actually jumping threw my patio door as i live on a ground floor flat i need to know if i can actually refuse him entry on these occassions as he has his days arranged already

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law