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i need to ascertain where i stand as a married man of three

Customer Question

i need to ascertain where i stand as a married man of three children who has moved out of the family home and now lives with my parents. my financial outlay has not changed since the separation and i remain paying the mortgage and all bills connected to the house including utilities etc. i do not pay maintenance for the 3 children at this point as was verbal between myself and my wife due to me paying fr everything related to the house. i am now at a point where i need to confirm legally what it is i need to be paying for following the seperation
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  familylawexpert replied 4 years ago.

My name is Mac. I can help you with your question. First I need a bit more information:

1. when did you marry?
2. if earlier than the above, when did you start living together?
3. has either of you started divorce proceedings?
4. if so, are there also financial proceedings?
5. how old are the children?
6. what is the value of the house (and any mortgage)?
7. what is the total value of the other assets you and he hold (a total value rather than individual values is fine)?
8. what is her income, if any (after tax)?
9. what is your income (after tax)?
10. do either of you have any pensions?
11. roughly what does it cost to run the family per month?

I'm sorry to ask for so much info, but it's necessary to give you a full answer.

Expert:  familylawexpert replied 4 years ago.

I wondered whether you would like to give me the information above so that I can help you with your question?

Kind regards,