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My Son has Parental Responsibility of my Granddaughters; age

Customer Question

My Son has Parental Responsibility of my Granddaughters; age 5 and twins, 4. He WAS due in in court next week to be given custody, with support from Child Services. Their Mother abused them, neglected them, and ultimately, surrendered them to my Son's care 5 months ago. He had spent a year in and out of court trying to gain access. As a family, we did not know this was happening to the children while they were in their Mother's 'care' as she denied us all access for more than eighteen months. I reported to social services my Son receiving into his custody the children; when I last had contact with them (eighteen months previously) there was a child protection order in place. They moved area, and no services were involved after this, despite us seeing the section 47 report stating the children were being neglected; left outside at night while mother was on drugs etc. No services stepped in to help while with their mother was neglecting and abusing. Since my Son took residency of them, social services have been of little help. They secured him new carpets for a council house, and in the meanwhile (8 weeks) they all had to live with my elderly parents as they have a large house. Since moving to their new address, with a nearby school, my Son had rarely heard from services. One of the twins reported to her nursery teacher that she'd hurt her finger, while Daddy and his girlfriend were play fighting. The police arrived, along with child protection. Upon interview, they realised there was no injury to her finger, and that she in fact meant her arm was hurting from booster injections given the day before. I visited my Son and the girls on Sunday 8th Dec, and all was well. After I had left, my Son telephoned me to tell me he left them at the table, eating their tea, while he was in the kitchen doing his. He heard a bang, and went in to find (the same twin from the finger incident) holding her head, saying she fell. He informed nursery the following day, as she had a bruise down the outside of her eye, to her cheek. They telephoned child protection again. The police came, interviewed my Son, then asked him if he 'wanted to change his story' then they took the twins to local hospital, photographed the bruise, and then alleged that the other twin had 'injuries' the only injury she had was a bump on her forehead where she'd fallen from her scooter earlier in the week. I was informed by services that the children must remain with me. I am registered disabled, and I had to cancel spinal surgery due next week. I am also caring for my daughter who is also disabled, and had just been discharged from hospital after a serious operation. Services have set up 'contact' for my Son, which started yesterday in a local mcdonalds for an hour. The girls were distraught at not returning home with their Father. The crux, it seems, is that services are saying that the girls have not 'used the same story' as to how injuries occurred. One twin (with the bruise) is saying she banged it on the radiator. The other is saying she banged hers on the stairs. The eldest girl (who has behavioural issues and has bitten the twins horrifically before now, and it has been documented and proven) has said she 'tried to stop them going fast down the stairs' - it is my belief the eldest child has caused the injuries to both girls on separate occasion, but obviously she will not admit to that. The twins are protecting their Sister, without realising the ramifications of not telling the truth. I have secured some weekend respite; I also have contracted Norovirus so the girls have gone to their Maternal Grandmothers home. No papers have been produced by services, I've spoken to a police woman twice who has asked me for a statement and then didn't turn up. There seems to be no formal law to this situation. Nothing that has been said or done or realised previously seems to count for now. My Granddaughters have not experienced Christmas while with their Mother, at least since my Son's involvement was frozen out. My Son was given his list of contact dates, which stretched far beyond Dec 25th. I am physically not well enough to look after my Granddaughters full time, nor would I allow them to be placed into foster care. I need to know the legalities of this situation urgently.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Clare replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare and I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
Has your Son actually seen a Solicitor?
Can the Maternal Grandmother cope with them?