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Category: Family Law
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Can I refuse to allow my former partners new boyfriend into

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Can I refuse to allow my former partner's new boyfriend into the house we currently still share. (We are both named on the mortgage).

tdlawyer : £intro
tdlawyer : hello.
tdlawyer : Thanks for you question.
tdlawyer : My name isXXXXX can answer this for you.
tdlawyer : Each owner on the legal title is free to do as they choose with the property and invite whichever guests back that they wish.

OK, thanks.

tdlawyer : The only real way to resolve this type of issue once and for all is to sell the property.
tdlawyer : Or obviously reach some agreement that you put into writing but most often people sell the property to their partner of
tdlawyer : or put it on the open market and sell it to a third party.
tdlawyer : People often find this type of situation uncomfortable to deal with and so generally a clean break is the way forward. It's not always that easy though especially where you have negative equity properties.
tdlawyer : Until it can be sold it's a case of doing the best you can by each other really.
tdlawyer : Is there anything more you would like me to assist with?

Surely I can also refuse to allow someone onto the property I have title to?

tdlawyer : And she would say the same - surely she can allow somebody in to it.
tdlawyer : This is why you're in a deadlock situation when it comes to deciding things relating to the property.
tdlawyer : You're both entitled to do both things - so where does that leave you?

Hopefully the valuation comes in about right for the mortgage I've been accepted for to buy her out.


Thank you for your help.

tdlawyer : Yes that's he best way - thanks for your question.
tdlawyer : Hope it comes back in the right sum!
tdlawyer : Are you happy with the speed and nature of my answer?
tdlawyer : Is there anything more you would like me to assist with?
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