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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Hi ThereI am seeking a divorce from my Wife Nicola, We were

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Hi There
I am seeking a divorce from my Wife Nicola, We were married in Jan 22nd 2008, We have a son Ryan aged 7, born 2006, we separated in 2010, Because there is a child involved I am told I can not get a quick divorce. In 2011 I was given a decree of residence, with an interdict that Nicola can not remove Ryan from my care or outwith the highland region , after extensive searches by the court they were unable to find Nicola to serve the papers on her, she had a living relative, her grandmother, and the papers were served on her. the grandmother is now dead, so what would the procedure be now, there is no money or property involved, just the fact that we have a child, with these circumstances how long do you think it would take to get a divorce, I am 100% sure they wont trace Nicola
Thank you for your question.

Papers can be served on her by displaying on the Walls Of Court. That means that a copy of the divorce papers will be pinned up inside the court and that is deemed to be sufficient to service. Thereafter the court can process the divorce as normal.

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