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I am having child contact issues with my estranged husband

Customer Question

I am having child contact issues with my estranged husband. my husband and i are separated and it turned very ugly we have 6 children together and we had shared care of 4 of theme didn't see the other two. In February he was arrested for criminal damage to my property and side convicted and was given a restraining order. When he was arrested he stopped seeing the chidden altogether. Recently i have had a letter from a solicitor saying he wants them but only every other friday and saturday. Previous to this we had them 50/50. Now i cannot work and I have had to cancel any plans that I had whist they were in his care. We had agreed dates through to the end of the year. I want to know what rights i have as I do not want to agree to just 2 days out of every 14 as I get no financial help whereas before as we had then 50/50 we shared the cost. I cannot work now because i do not have any outside help and cannot afford childcare, what should i do? The children miss their dad and as their father i feel he should be playing more of an active role as this is what they have been used to since they were born. I really do not want this to go to court as i don't want to put my children through that. His solicitor wants me to get the injunction varied so we may be able to mediate but i have said i cannot afford to do that but if my ex husband pays for it i will (i did not ask for the injunction it was given when he was convicted) He won't pay for it so i feel i am backed into a corner.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Family Law