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Mother taking my son

Customer Question

Hi, Please could you help. I have just found out from my 7 year old son that his Mum is planning to move to Leeds with her new partner and change his school. He was asked to keep it a secret. I asked his mother and she confirmed. They first said that it was because of her new partners job and it was costing too much money to travel. I offered to increase my child maintenance and also said I could get him a better payed job at my company. They have said no and now said it would help them function better as a family as they don't get any quality time together as he works daft shifts and its hard for child care. I current have my son every weekend and said that I would pick him up from school and have him on a Saturday morning and they can have the weekends. They have again said no. I have always been in his life. I have never missed a day of having him, never missed a maintenance payment or been late (normally early to help her). I have tried to give her solutions but with no joy. When I asked about contact every weekend she said she wanted to cut it to every other week and its going to be down to me to get him as they don't drive. Of course I will get him but can she just do this? I am on the birth certificate and he was born in 2007. I don't want him to move away or be uprooted from school. This will damage our relationship as he gets older. We have always managed to sort things out without the need for courts or CSA but this time its not looking good. Can I stop her doing this?



Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Family Law