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UKfamsol, Family Solicitor
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my ex husband will not give me his new home address and new

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my ex husband will not give me his new home address and new mobile for when the children are with him on a weekend i need to know if im entitled to them
Hello and thanks for your question..

I need a bit more info to be able to answer:

How old are your children?
How long have you been separated?
When did he move to his new address & get his new mobile?
Did you have his previous address & mobile?
What reason does he give you for refusing to give you these details?
What's the usual arrangement for the children to see their father, and does it usually include any overnight stays?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my children are 14 and 16 and we are now divorced and have been for 6 years now he moved into his new address sometime this year i think and no i dont have any contact details of him the children say over from friday night to sunday tea time every other weekend he doesnt give any reasons as he will not talk to me at all all arraingments are made by him to the kids i dont have a say even though i am the main carer for them

Hello again and thanks for the info.

In principle, you should know where the children are and how to get hold of your husband in case of energency - but the only way to enforce this would be to say eg that you will stop his contact with the children until you have this information, or at least stop his overnight contact - and then immeduately apply to court for a court order that sets out excatky what contact he can have, and what conditions are to be attached eg to give out his address & mobile no.

However, in your case, your children are old enough to vote with their feet - so that if you said to them that you were stopping their contact until you have the address, they might just ignore you and go anyway. You could give at least your older child a mobile, so that you do have a way of getting in touch, even in your ex refuses to give out his own number. The court is reluctant to make orders agianst the wishes of chidlren as old as your own - unless there really is a welfare risk ie that a court order is needed for the safety and protection of the children.

The other difficulty you have is that it seems from what you say that even without knowing his address or mobile number, you have continued to allow the children to stay with your ex. On that basis, if you stopped the contact now and made an application to court, the court could say - if you had really felt that there was a risk to the children's safety, you would have stopped the contact as soon as you found out that your ex had moved, and refused to give you his address.

I think you need some face-to-face legal advice as soon as possible. A family law solicitor can wirte a strongly-worded letter to your ex, eg to his place of work, if you don't have his address and/or help you make an application to court for a court order if appropriate.

Here's where to find a specialist family law solicitor:

Most solicitors will give an intial free interview.

I know this is probably not the answer you were hoping for but it would be wrong of me not to give a realistic and honest reply.

Anyway, I hope this still helps and I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks and best wishes...

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