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In April 2014 my son insured his Range Rover with Mayfair Insurance

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In April 2014 my son insured his Range Rover with Mayfair Insurance and provided a no claims certificate, driving license (with 3 points) and mileage declaration. This was accepted and he paid his $1k.
In June 2014, the insurance company contacted him, said the no claims was out of date. He sent them an in date no claims, they said they did not want to insure him as even with 5 years no claims they said he didn't have enough experience. (he is 34yrs old, drove a tank in the army and has been driving a van every day for work which he is a named driver).
The no claims certificate ran out on 22 June. In July Mayfair told him that his no claims was out of date, they wont provide insurance and he hasnt as yet received a refund.
He is trying to obtain new insurance cover but Mayfair (who accepted his insurance in April) will not provide him with a no claims certificate even though he has no claims and they took his money in April.
He now has less than 10 days to obtain alternate insurance but without the no claims certificate his fee will rise to $2,500k. What can he do?
Hi, thanks for your question. Can you tell me if this is in the UK or Canada?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it is in UK, London

Hi Denise

Thanks for the information.

He needs to make a complaint to the company and ask why the underwriters are now refusing to provide cover, the reason of not enough experience is unacceptable. They were aware of his experience when he applied. Quite often the underwriting department can reverse the decision if there has been an admin error on their part. He can make the complaint on the telephone, but I would recommend following this up in writing.

If they do not change their position, then obviously he will need to obtain new insurance. However, if they refuse to refund his premium paid in full, then he can take this complaint further with the Financial Ombudsman Service. There website is:

There is a lot of information on this site for your son to review and assist him with making the complaint.

As for obtaining new insurance elsewhere, he simply needs to get a new no claims certificate from his previous - not Mayfair - insurer.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please ask.

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