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prenuptial agreement

Customer Question

hi.. i am from hong kong and my fiance is from UK.. we are going to get married in UK in sept and he wants me to sign the prenuptial agreement before the wedding.. i have the following questions.. FYI.. we both currently living in Singapore, he is working in the bank, and am not working as I havent married and also not obtained the dependent pass yet.. In the future, we may move back to UK..but all depends on his job.. his asset before marriage is 3 times more than me.. we both have house back in our countries, stock and saving.. ..

He wants me to sign to ensure his asset before married is owned by individual... (i said OK). and after marriage is 30%/70& and some more ridiculous terms on the spousal mantenance,  (no spousal maintenance.. as he only wants to pay  GBP500/month for each children).. Education for children (he wants to pay 70% till the chlidren reach to 21 years old, I argued and in the end he accepted 100%).. but for the housing .(what if we have children?).. he said that his 30% already covered, and he wont provide me with any housing allowance... so I think his terms are quite bad!!. (although I dont know much about this prenup thing but that doesnt make any senses to me !!)

i have the below questions...

-i am from Hong kong, he is british.. we sign marriage in UK.. for this agreement, should I get a lawyer from UK / Hong Kong? where should provide me the maximum benefit for my future ( just in case if we will divorce in the future with or without children?

..... if in UK, then can u recommend me a good law firm (reasonable charges) ?

-if I accepted 30% settlement.. if he divorces me in 5 yrs time, does it mean that I will get 30% of all his asset (after marriage only) for those 5 years?

-if we buy a property after marriage.. (when we spilt I get only 30% and nothing else upon our divorce??.. is that correct?)

-what should be right for the spousal maintanance, provision for children (should it be income/ capital.. which better?)??

-what happens if I die/ accident and cant take care of my children before marriage or after divoce?

-what happens if I am unable to work after divorce.. then what happens to the child ??

I am not good at this and I dont know what terms I have missed.. pls tell me as more info as possible.. so I know what to do and what is right and wrong..

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Family Law