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Hi, again I recieved my ex husbands solicitor letter. It

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Hi, again
I recieved my ex husband's solicitor letter. It says: I am quoting "we are in the process of taking our client's instruction however he is very keen to promote contact bearing in mind the length of time that has now elapsed since he last saw the children. We would therefore recommend mediation so that both parties can come to an agreement which will allow our client to have contact and at the same time reassure you in terms of the fact that he only has his children's best interests at heart. We therefore look forward to hearing from you with regard to the recommendation for Arena Mediation and enclose a further leaflet. If you are prepare to agree to mediation then we will arrange for a referral and no doubt Arena will contact you to explain how mediation works and to arrange a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and if you can respond to us within the next 7days this would be most helpful. ". I am not sure I understand the letter correctly. But I do not agree to unsupervised contact especially after the sexually related allegation he made to the social services. I dread to think what he could do the the children if left alone with them just to blame it on me. I suggested supervised contact at a contact centreto his solicitor but apparently he isn't agreeing to it. Please how do I handle this?
Thank you
My name is ***** ***** I can help with your question.
You cannot be forced to agree to anything at mediation - it is a discussion/negotiation with the help of a third party. You would be able to express your objections/suggestions and so would he. If you can reach an agreement, that's great; if you cannot, then no harm is done. I would recommend that you give it a try as it is a much less stressful and time-consuming exercise than going to Court - which may well be what he does if mediation is not possible.
There's no need to feel like you've conceded anything by agreeing to mediation - it's only an opportunity to discuss things.
I suggest you write back and say that you are willing to agree to attempt mediation, so long as he meets the costs of it, but that you remain of the view that supervised contact is appropriate at this time.
I hope that is helpful.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** outline in the letter I will write the fact that my ex husband recently call the social service which contacted me in return allegedly saying that I sexually abuse my girls in regard to religious and cultural belief. The social services have close the case as it was regarded as a malicious allegation . The fact that my ex could think these things strengthen my position on supervised contact.
Yes, I would add to your letter that the possibility of mediation being successful is not at all helped by him making groundless allegations to Social Services, and your willingness to attend mediation is subject to him agreeing not to do that again.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you Mac, your answer clarifies many obscure aspects I had on this situation.
That's great, I'm glad to help.
If you wouldn't mind rating my answer, I'd be grateful.
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