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myself and an x girlfriend had 2 houses . we agreed to split

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myself and an x girlfriend had 2 houses . we agreed to split one each i signed one over 2 her but she failed to honour the agreement.. now she is asking for 20000, or she will force the sale of it and take her share. i still pay the loan on her house and payed the deposit on the one she failed to sign to me. will she be able to do this.thanks ian
Thanks for your question.
What evidence do you have of your agreement for her to transfer the property to you?
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

her daughter was very much aware of what was agreed..i also have a hand written letter which states quote i also want my name off the deeds for brithdir st. ... this was written long after she should have already done it and she went on to say she wasnt going to do it until she had sold her own house totally irelevant but was her excuse for stalling.then i didnt hear from her again now six years later her friend and property lawyer have sent me three letters the last one asking again for the money orthey are appyingto the court under part 8of the civil procedure rules for theproperty to be sold and the assets divided. the house is currently being rented.

I will be able to answer at 9am
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thanks for your patience.
If she has got a solicitor acting for her then you really also need to instruct a solicitor as well.
Basically, nothing is going to happen to change the current situation unless one of you backs down or unless the matter is resolved at court in litigation.
If you own the other property with her then she can apply for an order for sale of this from county court. You will then have to attempt to launch a counter-claim alleging that she is in breach of an agreement between you. Ultimately, the matter will depend on the credibility of the evidence that you are each able to produce to support your argument.
I would consider writing down the agreement that you had with her, in particular when it occured, what was said and what was supposed to happen. Attempt to remember who else knew about it. Once you have this you need to book a consultation with a property litigation solicitor for their opinion on the likelihood that you will be able to claim this at court. It's going to be a bit difficult because generally people don't commit themselves to relying on an oral agreement but it is possible
Kind regards,
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thankyou, she also managed to borrow 100 grand on my own home without me knowing and quickly got it into her account by deceiving me into giving her a blank signed cheque.. once i found out she gave 10000 back and said she would sign the house in mention over to me which of course she never did.. i used to be very trusting.i dont think you could have answered my question any better with the limited information you had and i commend you for that.