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Thomas, Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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my ex boyfriend and i jointly own the house there is no mortgage

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my ex boyfriend and i jointly own the house there is no mortgage he has stayed in the house and made it hisown and moved in new girlfriend, he has told me i have to tell him when im coming back,i only left the house as he made it uncomfortable for me to be there. i have asked him to buy me out but he ignores my emails, what can i do

Thanks for your question.
If you own the property jointly with him then you have same rights of access and ownership as him. He cannot refuse to give you a key to a property that you are joint owner of unless you have already agreed to give up your access, which presumably you have not done in a formal way.
This means that you can move back into the property when you choose and unless you have agreed to the country do not have to disclose the times that you will be in and the times that you will be out. If you wish to realise the equity from the property and he is not willing to buy you out then your only option is to apply to county court order for sale.
Ultimately you will be successful in getting an order for sale but often it can take some time to establish the proper sale price of the property, because you and he can both instruct experts to attempt to establish the true value of the property and what it can be sold for. You would need a solicitor to make the application to court on your behalf for an order for sale of the property.
However you would hope that instructing solicitor to write to him to advise that you will litigate if he does not agree to a sale will prompt and more conciliatory response from him and enable a sale without the need to litigate.
Kind regards
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Tom that was brilliant
Can he lock rooms up to stop me going in them ?

Not unless you agree to be locked out.

Thanks for rating my answer.