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I have been with my girlfriend for 2 years and i told her that

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I have been with my girlfriend for 2 years and i told her that in 2010 i had been charged convicted of exposure to two 16 year old girls.
we have now through my probation had a referral to social service of what if i move in together what do we have to do.
she has a 15 year old daughter and social services have now given my girlfriend a ultimatum end the relationship now or they will put her in care.
i have done nothing else wrong and both of us are so upset.
can i do anything please.
Hello and thanks for your question.
Unfortunately, social services always take a precautionary approach.
They are legally obliged to look after the welfare of all the children in their area, and unless you are able to convince social services that you are not a risk to her daughter, if she ignores what they say to her, she really does risk social services applying to court for a care order which if granted by the court could mean that her daughter is removed from her care.
However, there ARE things that you can do - speak to your probation officer to see if you can be referred to a) a programme you could attend to deal with inappropriate sexual behaviour and/or b) a parenting skills programme and/or c) your probation herself could provide a report about whether or not you are a risk to your girlfriend's daughter.
If your probation order in 2010 included requiring you to attend any course or programme about your offending behaviour, and you did go on the course/programme, ask your probation office to send a copy of the course/programme results to social services.
If social services do apply to court, you can volunteer to attend any course or programme that they want, in order to prove that you are no risk to your girlfriend's daughter - but I hope that it doesn't go to court.
I would strongly advise you to get some face-to-face legal advice as soon as possible. Here's where to find a specialist family law solicitor:
I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.
Thanks and best wishes...
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have been on a sex offenders program and all came back very posotive with no concerns as per my probation officer i have seen the report.


They have not contacted public protection for there view.and public protection have said that they have no concerns about me.


Probation have put me on the lowest catagory.

But social services have avoided probations telephone calls and failed to ring probation back


I have phone 4 solicitors of which they have all been negative and said what is there to contest with


Any other ideas please.

Hello again

You need to get probation actually to send the report of the sex offenders program to social services, and you need to ask your probation officer to get a report from public protection and send that to social services as well.

I can't give you any guarantees - these are only suggestions - but until social services change their view of you, if you really love your girlfriend, you won't move in with her and you'll generally back off - just so that she no longer has the fear that her child will be taken into care.

I know that's hard - but it would be wrong of me to pretend there's an easy answer.

best wishes....
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I decided straight away not to move in or put her daughter in jepardy.

I live totaly seperate from herself.


I will get reports sent as this is the only option to try


Thank you for all the advise.

You're very welcome.

best wishes....