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My sister and her ex partner spilt up ove a year ago, they

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My sister and her ex partner spilt up ove a year ago, they remain friends until the beginning of this year when her ex started to get very cagey with her. While their 2yr old daughter was in hospital it came out that her ex had got a new parnter. My sister was a bit upset that he hadn't told her about the new girlfriend. Over the last few months things between my sister her ex and the new girlfriend have been very strained. There has been a lot of nasty hurtful things said to my sister from the new girlfriend and she also threatened to keep my sisters 2 girls saying that my sister is an unfit mother. In August this year my sister's ex was traveling to see his other daughter when he was involved in a accident which resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. My sister ex was the one that killed the motorcyclist he was questioned by the police and taken to hospital due to some injuries that he received. Since this has happened my sister hasn't let the 2 girls go and stay with their dad due to him not being of sound mind and very depressed about what he has done. My sister hasn't stopped their dad from coming to see the children, the only thing she has stopped was the girls staying with him at the weekend just until he has been to court about the accident, which she has asked him about and gets told its nothing to do with you. My sister has tried to meet them half way by saying that she would like to meet up and sort things out like adults with hr ex and his new girlfriend but the girlfriend is refusing to meet with my sister has told my sister's ex that she will never meet up and that she doesn't like my sister even tho she hasn't meet my sister. My sister's ex has said about mediation which my sister is happy to do but has she is a single mother on benefits she can't afford to pay for it, to which the ex said that my sister is being awkward which she isn't. My sister has her 2 daughters best interests at heart and will do anything for her girls even to the point of telling her ex to take her to court if it makes him feel better. My sister's ex keeps saying that my sister is breaking the law by not letting him have the girls overnight. My sister is feeling very down and keeps saying that she can't do right for doing wrong, every time she tries to talk to her ex he just turns things around and blames my sister for everything that's gone wrong. Is there any advice that you can give so I can pass it onto my sister has to where to go next. Many thanks
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
How old are the children and why does your sister feel they would be at risk if they stayed overnight?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The children are 7yrs and 3yrs. My sister feels that they are at risk staying over night due to her ex's new partner having a 14yr old son and the fact they he lives in a 2 bedroom flat. When my sisters two daughters stay overnight he also has his other daughter from his previous relationship. Out of my sister's 2 girls only the 3yr old is her ex's he has been In the 7yr old's life since she was 3 so she calls him dad. She also feels that because the new girlfriend won't speak or have contact with my sister she doesn't feel comfortable letting the girls stay there. The last time that the girls stayed with their dad was when the girlfriend refuse to give them back saying that my sister is an unfit mother. My sister contacted the police with regards ***** ***** matter so it is on file. When my sister's ex had the accident he was told that he shouldn't be on his own due to him being a danger to himself so he is staying with his girlfriend in Colchester Essex and my sister lives in Leighton Buzzard which is in Bedfordshire and they are about 65miles from each other. Due to my niece being ill at the beginning of the year with kidney and water infections my sister feels that she should be close to her so that she can get her to the doctors or hospital if she needs to go.
Did the police have to help her recover the children?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No the police didn't have to recover the children because their dad see sense and brought them home but the police where ready to get the girls if dad didn't bring them back. It was and still is a very stressfull time for my sister and she just wants what's best for her girls at the end of the day. Thanks
Have the children spent the night at his girlfriend's flat before?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No the children have never spent the night at his new girlfriends flat. She lives in Colchester. He has a flat in Leighton Buzzard near where my sister lives and the new girlfriend has stayed at his flat with her son. This was only told to my sister by her 7yr old daughter. Thanks
In that case your sister is not being unreasonable in wishing to discuss matters further before overnight contact starts bearing in mind the attitude of his new partner.
Legal aid is still available for Family mediation ( and accordingly that would be a useful way of moving forward.
She may also find this website helpful
I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
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