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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practise since 1985 and have specialised in Family Law for the last 10 years
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Hi Claire, the caff cass officer paid me a visit oday

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Hi Claire, the caff cass officer paid me a visit oday (sunday as I am working in the week) he didn't seem to take my concerns seriously, instead he said that we should have a communicating book so my ex partner doesn't have to ask my daughter. in regards ***** ***** bringing the contact near to me, he was total against it even when I said that I have to work on Saturday and my ex does not pay maintenance and I can't afford every week travelling. caffcass said as I want it supervised it is my responsibility for contact to be maintained. he did not see my ex as a risk even though the test of drugs were positive and even though I said about the money laundering, instead he sd my ex has said I am obsessed with him and he just wants to see his daughter and wants overnight stay and the caffcass officer will be putting this in his report.. I am quite worried now. I feel indirectly the caffcass office was saying if I don't want to travel give him overnight access. please shed some light. I cant afford to lose my job but if the courts make me travel how will I do it. I feel very stressed and depressed and I think my ex's plan is working I feel I will have a breakdown.

I do have a solicitor representing me and a few weeks ago my solicitor actually said the court would be impressed that I have maintained contact every week with 3 children and that she doesn't expect the courts to expect ths on a long term. caffcass is aware my ex has family in Leicester and comes to see them every other week yet the caffcass officer was against the change of contact centre.

Thank you for your question.
Try not to worry - it is entirely possible that the report will not be as bad as you fear - this is often the case.
Moving the contact to a Centre in Leicester is a reasonable request and there is no reason for that not to work.
The Communication book is a good idea - and you should adopt it immediately
It would also be sensible to take on board the comment on your being focussed on your ex.
This is undoubtedly true, and is something that you need to try and alter by not allowing him to be the focus of your life.
You are building a new life in Leicester.
Your child will continue to have contact with her father - but you do not have to let that be the focus of your life
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