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A woman has told me that she is having our baby , but told

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A woman has told me that she is having our baby , but told me that she is putting it into care!! Do I have any legal rights ??
Hello and thanks for your question.

I see from a previous question that you posted that the baby is due at the end of December, and that the woman has had social services involved previously.

As soon as you hear that the baby has been born, you need to contact social services in the area where the mother of the baby lives, and tell them that you think you may the father. If the baby really has been put into care - either by the mother or by the family court - then social services have a duty to contact the father. If you are the father, then social services may agree for you to see the baby, and if not, you can apply to court for a child arrangements order.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.

Thanks and best wishes...
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what would happen if infact I am not the childs father?? And I have to pay for DNA , court costs etc??

I am currently unemployed so do not have the funds for any of this.

Hello again

If you think that you are not the father, then do nothing ie DON'T contact social services after the baby is born.

If the mother alleges that you are, but you dispute that, then - if there is a court case, the court may order social services to pay for the paternity test. If there's no court case, social services probably won't pay for the paternity test - but if the mother tries to claim child support from you, but you deny that you are the father, the CMS will reimburse the cost of a paternity test that if you take one that proves you are NOT the father.

Here's a list of labs that are approved by the Ministry of Justice :

If social services issue care proceedings in court, then if you say that you are (or might be ) the father, you will be eligible for legal aid to pay for a solicitor to represent you in court, so you won't have any legal costs.

I do hope that helps.

I would be grateful if you would now kindly accept and rate my answer.

Thanks and best wishes...
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