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michael holly
michael holly, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  BA Hons degree Law , Solicitors finals, 20 years experience, trained family law mediator.
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hope you can help. My father passed away nine years ago

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hope you can help.
My father passed away nine years ago and at the time all assets were divided evenly between myself, brother and sister except house. After my brother and sister had left home I had continued living with my father and so a verbal agreement was made that I would keep the house. I paid off the remaining mortgage after his death.
My sister now wants her share of the value of the house.
Is she entitled to this. Where do I stand legally
I need a little more information to help you with this
1. How long did you live in the house with your father after your brother and sister left before your father died?
2. What was the value of the house at his death and what was the total amount outstanding on the mortgage at that time?
3. Why did your brother and sister let you keep the house?
4. What is your sister saying the agreement was and why is she saying she can insist on having her "share" now?
Best wishes Michael
I will be back on line later today
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


1. I lived with father 16 years after my sister left and 7 years after my brother left.

2. not sure of the value then. It was an ex council house and there was £5000 outstanding

3, Both my brother and sister were with partners and had accommodation of there own. We discussed the house at the time and both said that as I had lived in the house long they felt that I should remain there.

My sister had a disagreement with my brother over Christmas {which I was not involved in}. I have had no contact with her. I arrived home yesterday to find as letter saying she had seen a solicitor and that under the intestate Succession act I should have made sure the house was shared equally. She seem be ignoring/ avoiding mentioning the verbal agreement we had

She is ignoring the fact that she has no legal basis/ cause of action right now. She will have to show that the agreement is something other than you have said and that will be difficult. I would do nothing and sees what happens but hold your position
Best wishes
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