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Is there anything I can do to make the father of my daughter

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Is there anything I can do to make the father of my daughter that I am currently divorcing :
1)take her to classes I pay for, tennis and ballet on Saturdays ? I am working full time so we in essence have her equal time but I do take her to her ballet class and tennis on saturdays I am paying but he has decided to live far away not reasons, purely to be close to his golf friends. So he doesn't want to take her to the classe I pay to any of her birthday parties of her friends etc..
2)Make him put my name in the child trust fund of our daughter? He left my name out when she was born despite being her mother and we were married at the time and he refuses to add my name so I can also save tax free there. I have no way to save tax free daughter because she cant' open a junior isa since she had the child trust fund.
3)I know this sounds weird .... years to get to me as he knows how much it bothers me he has been cutting the hair of our daughter and taking her to hairdressers and give her a hair cut I don't like. I want the hair of mmy daughter long, like mine and without the very square fringe they give him tehre. I have pleaded him many times in 3 years but the mother he knows it bothers me the more he does it. Our daughter is now 5 and she also tells him she doesn't want him to cut her hair but he ignores her..
Is there anythign i can do legally about this? he fires court applications against me all the time things like to change my flight day and he loses them.
I have never applied to court but now being faced with all this I am thinking about it. Do I stand a chance in bringing any of this at court or I have to find other ways to deal with him although after 3 years I am at a loss...

Thank you question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
1. No I am afraid that you cannot force him to take her to any activities during the time she spends with him - that is his time to do with as he wishes
2. No I am afraid not - although you can raise this within the financial side of your divorce
3. You can ask Specific Issue Order regrading the hair style - but wait until you are in court on a different matter regarding your daughter and then apply of a form C2 and ask issue to be dealt with
Please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am at court on 3rd of February application teh father did about Christmas. He lost on what he was demanding but they invited us back again dispute resolution on 3rd of Feb.

It is the father's application, how do I go about raising this specific issue order regarding hair style? Can I attach my application to his?

How do I go about doing the applciation? Will it cost £215 like his and be seen on teh same day 3rd of february ?

Can I just put it in my position statement or the court can't deal with anythign if there is no specific applicaiton stating the issue?

In his application he ticked specific issue order because he was also asking to change my flight because he claimed I wanted more than half the christmas holidays but the court so it was actually him that was demanding more than half of hte holidays and didn't grant him his demand.

In essence how do I go about having the issue with the hairstyle be addressed at the hearing in february?

I am self litigant so need help

The form you need is here
there should be no fee - if they doe request one it will be £95.
Emphasise that your DAUGHTER wishes to grow her hair in a different style - your wishes are of no more importance than his in the issue!
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