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social services placed my son in my care due to severe neglect

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social services placed my son in my care due to severe neglect evidence of alchol and drug use and domestic violence whilst leaving with his mother and step father.
My son who is now 14 has had contact with his mother on a regular basis for the past year.
Since this contact he has dissapeared and had to be brought home by police on numerous ocassions.he has been excluded from his school due to verbal aggression threatening behaviour, it has been video recorded that he would not let a teacher out of their classroom due to taking his phone off him.
he now attends a pupil referal unit and has been sent home on numerous occassions again for this behaviour. before christmas 2014 his phone was taken off him for the behaivour.he again did not come home.the police were informed however the next day he came home as his sister had contacted his mother who brought him home. the social services were involved due to concerns raised by myself and school. is was agreed he stay at his non parental grandmothers over christmas due to his threatening behaviour to his two sisters at home my partner and my two younger sons 18,16,42,9,5 in order.after christmas a TAC meeting was arranged whereby it was agreed he stay at another sisters due to his behaviour.Jan15 since this time he has been having relationships with a twelve year old girl culminating in her having to go to the doctors as she may be pregnant. when i asked him about this . his response was "well i have been out with younger" i have informed social services and the school of this. the social services response was "when are you going to take him back" i explained to them that he would have to be accessing anger management and councilling. last week he was going past Ann Summers with his sister(23) whom he is staying with and his other sister(18) who lives at home he said to his 18 year sister i"i should take ypou in there and get you a Vibrator and started laughing." he was later on in ASDA and as he was going up the escalator he older sister was in front with his younger sister behind and my son behind them both when he put his fingers into his younger sisters bottom/between her buttocks. she told him to pack it in and shouted at him.His older sister just laughed.i informed school and the said they would inform social services at the next TAC meetin (today). At the meeting today as one of the points brought up his mother said why has he been sent home from school she was informed it was for smoking to which she replyed is that all .The school informed her of the rules to which she said "i dont believe them". It was also brought up about his aggressive behaviour to females to which his ister and mother and grandmother said they do nor see that. Howver in the past his mother who was the victim of domestic violence has said she has pictures on her phone of when her husband assaulted her and has also said that her son had witnessed this. I believe that she has seen aggressive behaviour from her son but does not want to admit it. The result of the meeting today was that the social workers were looking into getting my son to live back with his mother even though she has no fixed address. I have raised concerns to this as my son is still not having councilling and only getting angermanagement from school but not a proffessional my son has told me in recence weeks that he does not want to go to councilling as if he lets people know what has actually happened then his mum and step may go to prison. i again have told social servies of this.
His step grandmother also informed me 5 weeks ago that when her son was splitting up from my sons mother she called him to say that she was going to kill herself and my son if he did not go around . he did go around and thankfully nobody came to any harm but it was also noted that my son was not at the house. This was in 2008 i told social services they told me it was historical and did not matter.
It has also been confirmed by health proffessionals that my son has ADHD,ADD a mild learning difficulty and and attachment disorder,also a educational pyschologist in June 2014 tested him and said his reading age was that of a8.9 year old. In primary school he was given athough test by a student educational pyschologist as to dyslexia the outcome of which was that he had strong evidence of this . "the student was completing her masters" When he attended High school they gave him a dyslexia test of half an hour and said that he did not have dyslexia and that the first test by the student was ignorned as it was given by a student.
Although i know it is not possible for my son to come back and live with me due to concerns raised by others and myself i also do not want him to go somewhere whereby he is at risk.
Please can you give me some advice as to where to go
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
is he currently accommodated under a S20 agreement?
Have the Police been involved with his behaviour at all/
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Clare

the social services funded the application in 2007 for a residence order as to the police when they have brought him home they have talked to him re his behaviour but nothing more. there is no S20 agreement

Have you spoken to the line Manager of your sons current Social Worker?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

they were at the meetings.

also on friday the 27/02/2015 there was a tac meeting and i had informed the school where the meeting was to be held that i would be unable to attend 26/02/2015.

the meeting did take place only with 2 new social workers who again did not bring any of the previous caf forms. when i was given this information by the school i asked why new social workers and was informed that the other two social workers who were due to attend were attending an emergency. as a result of this meeting ( to date i have still not been contacted by either the two new social workers or the two previous social workers as to the outcome of the meeting) my son i have been informed by the school will go to one sisters for his tea another sisters for his sleep and his non-biological grandmother for the weekend.

i asked as to thecouncilling or angermanagement for my son which i was told by the school that my son did not want to engage as he beleaves he has no issues. when i asked whether it had be brought up re his language and re the young girl. i was told that they did not bring it up in the meeting as it may embarrass him.i was also told that another outcome was for the social workers to look for a house so that he could go back to live with his mother. i am really struggling to understand the rational behind this. I also took my son to football last night and he said that the social workers had told him at the meeting that when they had talked to his mother and sister as to why he originally came to live with myself and partner that myself and my partner had differing views as to why it happened. i tried to explain that i did not understand why they said that as it was not an opion as to why he and his sisters came to live with us but as a result of social workers entering the house and finding evidence and that i was contacted as a result of this. he disagreed and said his mother said the house was fine.

As another point when his mother came to live in stockport after the children came to live with us in 2007 the house that she moved into had to be repossed by the housing association for non payment of rent and that the house was in a very similar state of repair as the previous dwelling.

please could you advise me of opitions as i do not know where to turn

What do you actually want to happen to your son?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I want him to come back to myself and kelly (my partner), with the correct type of support (anger-management, councilling, self-esteem sessions and self-awareness sessions) for him in place and for him to be utilising this support with set guidelines so there are no grey areas. This also includes boundaries that are in place and supporting networks for accessing information that is relavent to him.

If this was able to be put in place,then for Daniel to be placed in a school that specailises in working with children who have the issuses that Daniel has and for this to be boarding if at all possible to maintain the continuity of care and support for Daniel with him being able to have access to his family.

But all of that requires a level of co-operation from your son which will not be given - so what is your alternative position?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

running out of options as i also have to think of the other children. alternative would be for Daniel to stay with his older sister, mother, or for me to get a house and let ***** *****ve with me this would mean me spllitting up from my partner and seeing my other children on a limited basis.

only other option for me to ask for Daniel to be placed into foster care.

i cantplace him with my other relatives as they have all retired and are all in their 60s.

i dont know of any other options

I cannot pretend that Social Services are behaving well as it is very clear that they are simply looking for the cheapest way of dealing with your son not the option that best meets his actual needs
The problem is how you actually force them to put the child's interests first when the young man in question is in fact quite happy with the options that he is being given
The only way is to make a formal complaint about their failure to make proper provision for your son and that their failure to be honest with him as to why he left his mother's care represents a serious lack of professional integrity and that they shoudl be removed from your son's case immediately.
You shoudl be able to access the formal complaints procedure on the Local Authority website
Please ask if you need further details
Clare and other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you