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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practise since 1985 and have specialised in Family Law for the last 10 years
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recently i recieved a letter from my solicitor confirming

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Hi recently i recieved a letter from my solicitor confirming that they had issued an address error disclosure to my ex and he knew where i resided. Due to this i raised a complaint to the principal solicitir who has no w responded saying no addrss disclosure was done and error from their end and now rhey cant represent me as trust issues. I relocated to the address disclosure as i fear my ex and requested compwnsation for my move. The principal solicitir has refused to comoensate as sd i had told my solicitir i was going to move, whikst i di agree a move was planned i di not soecify a date and also i moved after this ketter. I feel i am being treated unfairly they relayed incorrect infurmation and now they dont want to compensate me, and hv left me wth no sokicitor. I jv to submit my stAtement in court in 6 weeks. They did the error and i am now paying the price where do i stand. They are taking no ownership of their error. They took the easy way and terminated my contract
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
Sorry - is he now saying they did NOT disclose the address?
When had you actually planned to move?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My ex solicitors sent al letter to my solicitor confirming they lnow my address due to an error disclosure from my solicitor. Mu solicitor was on annual leave so another splicitor from the firm sent me the letter confirming the error disclosure. I was origonally suppose to move in with my brother due to ongoing court case and the hearing in april was goinv to cost me around 3k on 16 feb as living costs would be cheAper he woukld not charged me rent. I was going to live free with him so i can get financialy stable again and complete my court case. The children were still going to attend same school no change was going to happen there. However when the address disclosure letter was sent solicitor coverinv my solicitor confirmed an error from their end due to this i freaked out. I am very fearful of my ex in the past he has had me followed so i really got scared and did a sudden relocation as i was scared if my ex has followed me and knows my whereabouts we are all in danger. I took a sudden relocation and changed childrens school and put in a complaint. In my complaint i did specify that i can send in emails from my school admin confirming a sudden relocation. My argument is surely if this was a planned move with an ongoing court case i would have had the schools in place and had plenty time to sort things. Proncipal solicitor has now sd due to my compaint there are trust issues and they cant represent me. I am very upset they dont want to pay for my move, they wont represent me. I live in the midlands and my case is in the north wth 3 children work school how wil i find another solicitor i have a statement to file in few weeks i am more stressed then ever. This situation has been caused by my solicitor first confirming an erro disclosure has been done and then sayin that is not the case and then refusing compensation. I am very upset the way they are treating me.the original letter from my solicitor (covering solicitor as my solicitor was on annual leave) requests me to give dental and gp details as my ex knows my locality due to their address disclosure error. it is very fortunate did not give these details otherwise if I would've just followed her instruction my ex would have our locality details when there is no need. they have messed this up and rather then resolving it they are saying that due to trust and confidence in client solicitor relation ship they can not represent me. I am ppalled and stunned I am so distressed where do I stand. what are my rights as this has been caused by them not me

This is simply bizarre.
For clarity - they are now saying they did NOT disclose the address and your ex does NOT know what it is.
is that right?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes that is correct. the solicitor covering my solicitor whilst my solicitor was on annaual leave sent a letter to me which was totally incorrect.her letter stated that an address disclosure has happened and I should now forward dentist and gp details as my ex nnow knows our locality and has not harmed us.It is very fortunate that I did not follow her instruction and agree to it as I actually relocated and put a complaint in. when my solicitor cam back from leave the principal solicitor in vestigated my complaint and theyc onfirmed no disclosure has been done. they are saying they wont compensate me on my relocation as I had it planned but that is unture I agree that I was moving o the 16/02 but that was at my cousins property where I was going to live for free. I have told the solicitor that myb relocation has happened adter the letter and I have emails from school admin and myself confirming the relocation happened suddenly after this letter. surely if this was planned I would have had the schools in place at my new house especially with the ongoing court case and my ex trying to find fault.

whilst I agree move was planeed not the relocation. I could not continue with my move and had to relocate as I feared my ex could have followed me.Now after the complint raised my solicitors have sd address disclosure is not the case and they w not compensate me and aso wil no longer represent me due to trust issues and are now terminatinbg my contract!!!!

I am very stressed and distressed this has happened thrugh no fault of my own and they are taking no responsibility. where do I stand I need to submit a statement in court and I am left without a solicitor thrugh no fault of my own

How certain are you that there was NOT any disclosure?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't know. according to my ex's solicitors they are saying disclosure done in mid august in a correspondence, my solicitor has now sent me the correspondence my ex's solicitor are going on ab out but that shows my previous address and it is very confusing as the correspondence my solicitor has forwarded me clearly states it is a previous address and we need police disclosure so I don't know who to believe. if my ex's solicitor rcved this correspindance then i don't understand how they can say this is my new address

Hi Sabina
What a considerable mess.
One way or another the firm has caused you great grief and distress and for that you are entitled to compensation
You need to make a formal complaint to the Complaints partner - and if there is no reasonable response you can take the matter further - please see here
Please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi I have already complained to the principal partner and followed the complaint procedure however she is not willing to compensate or take action on the solicitor who sent incorrect information.

do we have any law acts I can put in the letter which will be my last attempt to complain to her before I go to the ombudsman.

the solicitor who sent me incorrect information and told me to act on incorrect instruction which fortunately I did not adhere to can she lose her family law licence as they clearly are turning a blind eye.

if this goes to the ombudsman and I will forward the copy of solcitors letter which confirms the error and also requests me to provide gp and dentist details are the chnaces the firm will get a fine.

especially on the basis that I am fearful of my ex I don't want him to know where we reside and I am under marak

can I threaten them that I will go to the media with this as clearly I have done nothing wrong it is there error and I am left stranded

No she will not lose her Practising Certificate
There is a good chance that the Firm will indeed be criticised by the SRA - but the media is never a good weapon to use when you are at risk as you are
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi, one last thing then.

I have wrote two complaint letters in both responses from the principal she has showed no empathy and simply refused any compensation. in my final letter can I make it quite strong worded can I use sra in my complaint letter and highlight the principals breached.

the 2 complaint letters have been quite polite and not really demanding. can I send a demanding letter. how much compensation can I request

You can certainly write a letter pointing out that the service provided has fallen considerably short of the one you were entitle to expect and that this has caused you substantial expense.
It is harder to give a figure as that has to be based on what you have paid them - and any extra costs of THIS move as opposed to the move you had planned
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