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can a family law solicitor lose their license

Customer Question

hi can a family law solicitor lose their license because they nearly messed up a case. just in brief I have a court hearing for my daughters contact with her father. I relocated with police support as my ex threatened to kill me. i moved into a street where I lived few years ago only the house number was different.while my solictors were representing me I have always told them not to disclose my address, however in the interim some confusion has happened my solicitor went on leave and a covering solicitor was handling my case. my ex's solicitor sent a letter stating they are aware of my address due to an address disclosure from my solicitor. Now the solicitor covering did not take time to study my case to understand that they were referring to a previous address of mine which is the same street but a different number (whilst it is concerning how they picked up that this is my current street but this is separate issue) the solicitor covering sent me a letter stating they are aware of my address & have been since aug 2014 and since my ex has behaved I need to provide gp and dentist details there is no reason to with whole. I was very angry upset that this disclosure had happened that I relocated within 24 hours to another county.i fear my ex and I was scared he could've had me followed and knew my day to day activities which put me and my children at a safety risk.i am under MARAK. in December I had mentioned to my solicitor that my ex hangs around my parents house but did not feel comfortable going to police as he only drove around th block & did not do anything whilst my solicitor then had sid she can write a letter & warn him i refused as I was scared he will retaliate. to make sure he knows nothing about me I even changed my car. I put in a complaint of client confidentiality breach and requested compensation for my move.I have clear evidence that my move has happened after this letter yet the solicitors are refusing to compensate me as they say I had intention of moving and discussed with them in December in regards ***** ***** ex'sobjection and change of school. I do agree with that but my argument is this was not a planned move and I had discussed moving abroad in aug 2014 but mothing was definitive i had jsut seeked adviceI have 3 young childen 2 whom attend school. if I had planned to relocate surely I would have schools gp and dentist in place and especially with the ongoing court case I would not give my ex an oppurtunity to criticize me. as soon as the letter was received I ended up in hospital with chest pains. I was actually at work 12 hours after the letter received and my employers called an ambulance as they saw I wasn't my usual self and was in a very critical condition I fear my ex totally and my argument with my solicitors is that I can provide evidence of school admin office confirming that they are leaving school due to sudden relocation and the notice was sent after the lette receved as well as th new tenancyand also I have paid my daughetrs swimming lessons til 27 march surely if I was going to change schools and it was all planned I would not pay for her swimming tilmarch. Now my move has happened they are not willing to compensate my move and also have terminated my contract due to client solicitor relationship and even though it is the covering solicitor who has made the mess up the principal solicitor is taking no action and has requested me to find another solicitor even though she is aware that I have to file a statement in few weeks to propose future contact and also she is aware I am based in the midlands and my case is in the north due to me living in north prior to my move. I am very upset and distressed, they messed up and now am paying the price I have decided to complain to the legal ombudsman, where can I stand with this. the covering solicitor clearly did not study my case and due to her neglect on my case I am paying the price whilst they go on with their daily activity. I am upset the covering solicitor has got away with this.i was very fortunate I did not follow her instructions of providing gp and dentist details as this would have been a total cock up. they are unwilling to compensate and now I feel I do not want the solicitor to get away with this. she as caused disruption and a 5k financial loss and also I can now not get another solicitor to do my statement as thy want upfront payment of 2kwhile my current solictors had agreed that in the april hearing they wil give me time to pay my bill as I had made them aware in December I might need a payment plan. I wasn't prepared for this. where do I stand this mess up iwil have an effect on my court case. I have raised this with the principal solicitor and she wil nt have it. they are one of the top firms in the north. I spent 10k on my case only to be deserted through no fault of my own. I feel the firm has let me down and treating me unfairly.they just don't care. I have gone totally absent minded. how wil I find another solicitor I can not afford the upfront payment.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Family Law