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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
Satisfied Customers: 35042
Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practise since 1985 and have specialised in Family Law for the last 10 years
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Claire,me and my solicitors had a major conflict whereby

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Hi Claire,
me and my solicitors had a major conflict whereby they terminated my contract through no fault of my own.
they sent me a form to sign confirming I am representing myself which I have sengt back,
due to their error I had to relocate and then when requested compensation they refused.
i put in a complaint and they have now responded saying that if i don't accept their complaint response and escalate it to the SRA and legal ombudsman then they will write to the court saying i am misleading the court that is why they are no longer representing me and they will write to the court stating that i always had an intention to move and now i am using the letter sent as an excuse for my ex to not object.
i am utterly shocked, ill and mortified.
all i ever did was seek advice from my solicitor that in future if i moved and changed schools what are my legal rights and now they using that against me.
whilst there are police reports clearly confirming i am afraid of my ex and the move soley happened 24 hours after the letter rcved stating they have dislosed my address in error i cannot see how they can bully me now and make me fear of the courts.
i have reiterated with them that if i was moving i would have not paid my daughters swimming fess and i would give the school notice so not lose my deposit as my child ren attend a fee paying school. i have clearly moved acting on their correspondence but now they are stopping from escalating to ombudsman as threatening to tell the court i am misleading.
please advise
they have compensated me nothing and i am at a financial loss
surely if i was moving i wouldnot cause financial loss to my self and all the stress distress and anxiety as since their lettr i ended up in hospital
Thank you for your question.
have they put that in writing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I complained and they refused to compensate for my move as they sai i was going to move anyway. I recomplained stating if they dont compensate i will escalate to legal
Pmbudsman as well as SRA.
They are now saying they wont compensate and tell the court o am misleading the court. This is so unfair. I tool advice on a move months ago. Never did i gv date or confirmation. I just took legal advice if in future i wanted to move. They are bypassing their error completely. I feel i am
Being bullied by them
How long ago did you take advice on a move - and would that move have required a change of school.
If not can you prove that?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It was in december. I am
On the council list so i was on the top of the list. When council houses are offered they can be far from the origonal school so there could be possibility of my daughter changing school. So i seeked advice and at the moment ny daughter attends fee paying school but because she is in reception she gets the NEG grant and next year i have to pay 165.00 a month so i told my solicitor i may not be able to afford so might change schools i had never given a date or confirmation. How can they hold this against me.
At this stage do nothing more - sign the form and deal with the statement
Wait to take your complaint further until after the case is finished
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi claire,

it has been a year and my case is still ongoing. I don't think my case will finish this year as well as it is a complex case with whereby there are issues of drugs alcohol and domestic. I understand I only have 6 months to complain to the legal ombudsman is that right? if my solicitors still go ahead and send a letter to the court will they send me and my ex's solicitor copy of it???

Yes if they write to the court they will give you a copy.
It is unlikely that there will not be a final hearing in the next three months
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