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, I am a separated dad who see our daughter of 7 every

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Hello, I am a separated dad who see our daughter of 7 every two weekends and 50% of holidays. Our daughters mother relocated our daughter 70 miles away 2 years ago.
Our daughter has asthma..that is the belief of my doctor who knows me for 20 years and has seen our daughter when needed for 7 years. The mum wont have it and seems to routinely get antibiotics...our daughter to my knowledge has had antibiotics administered 15 times in her life.
Now, at last, i understand our duaghter is to have an asthma assessment at the mums doctors. My doctor has suggested/requested that I have a polite input into that process by contacting the doctor 70 miles away....this to; 1/ give a direct and 1st hand input into the asthma assessment i.e. talk to the doc re my family history of the condition and 2/ to request a patient summary be transferred to my doctor, such that my doctor understands the treatment plan for our daughter when she is presented to him.
I just know in advance that the mother will go blue at me asking to talk to 'her' doctor directly. She will insist that I write down what I want to say and she will hand it in to the doctor.
Prior to this request of mine being made to the mum, can you confirm whether I am perfectly within my rights to have direct contact with the gp practice at which our daughter is primarily registered?. I am on the birth certificate, I have parental responsibility, there are no Orders against me; I am a dad routinely involved in our daughters life....but with no input 'allowed' from the mum on health or school issues, (or relocation for that matter).
Many thanks and look forward to a reply
Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
You have Parental Responsibility for your child and the absolute right to speak to any Medical Professionals involve din her care.
You do not need your ex's permission to speak to the Doctor - but you will of course have to provide adequate evidence of your identity and your responsibility for your daughter
It would be more appropriate to ask for a Summary of the treatment to be sent to YOU and not your doctor
Please ask if you need further details
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