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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practise since 1985 and have specialised in Family Law for the last 10 years
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Claire, my ex's solicitor have sent a letter stating

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hi Claire,
my ex's solicitor have sent a letter stating my ex is going on a religious holiday and would like to take our daughter for the week as his mum who supervises the visists on saturdy will be present at all times.
I am really angry with this letter I feel his solicitors are just wasting my time and I strongly feel my ex is indirectly harassing me as he knows the answer will be no. up until now the contact has been at the contact centre only since the 31st janauary that contact has moved to the grandmothers and is under review as the courts are aware that I have no confidence in my ex and fear him.he history of drugs alcohaol and domestic violence. contact is only 5 hours every week
I do not now why they have sent this letter when they know themselves that I refuse overnight stay in UK. how will I accept him to take her Saudi Arabia.
first they demanded school and gp details when I stood my ground they are now wanting me to consider matters in my ex taking my daughter abroad.
he has already bee refused entry tn Australia to see his daughter due to the fear of child abduction.
I am just fed up of all the letters they send me.
can I raise this issue in court on the 22 april.
I feel my ex is posing his aggressive abusive and demanding behavior through his solictors
since the contact has moved to his mothers on the 31st January I have rcved several letters either rrequesting for contact to be moved on sunday then requesting gp details and now holiday!!!!
this is the reason why i wanted it in the centre as then he has no choice but to behave and since its at the mothers he already has had my dad pick daughter at 1 o clock instead of 3 o clock as he had to go elsewhere.
where do i stand
Thank you for your question.
Yes he is pushing his luck all the time - it happens.
Answer the letter with a polite refusal - and yes you can refer to it in your statement as evidence that he has no concept of what is and is not reasonable
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