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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practise since 1985 and have specialised in Family Law for the last 10 years
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Claire,6 months ago I moved into a street whereby I

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hi Claire, 6 months ago I moved into a street whereby I had lived a few years ago so same street name different house number. in august at my previous address the court had requested a police disclosure as the police were called at my previous address. since the hearing my ex has been sending letters through his solicitors requesting gp school and dental details but I have refused as I am scared of him and fear for mine and my children's safety. he has a history of drugs alcohol and domestic violence. I am under marak. I relocated with police support as he threatened to kill me. I changed my mobile num my car so he cant find me. howver indecember I had seen him hanging outside my parents house and I told my then solicitor who did state to send a letter out but however I was afraid of him and didn't want him to retaliate. I did tell my solicitor that I feel stupid going to the police as he soesnt do anything just drives past. recently his solicitor stated my ex knew my address from error disclosure from my solicitors. my then solicitor confirms this is not the case and it is transparent that the address is my previous address. I input a complaint to my solictors who responded saying they have not disclosed my address and they feel that my ex has followed my and found out where I live and used my previous address as an excuse they know my address. I think he has managed to get his solicitor to manipulate the situation. I have reported the solicitor to resolutions but I have to wait for the matter to close before they can take an official complaint from me. my concern is my fears are proving correct if my solicitor did not disclose the address then my ex has manged to find out where I reside and convinced his solicitors to tweek it a bit. can I now request the court to ask his solicitors to explain how they can say they are aware of my address when the court is transparent and it relates to my previous address as I feel they do need an explanation for this as it is about safety of me and the children. can the courts ask the solicitor to explain as they have caused me a lot of distress.

it has been highlighted that his solicitors sent the letter of knowing my address on February 3rd and apparently the visit moved on thev 31st of January from the contact centre to my ex's mother's house. it seems too much of a coincidence that contact moves and they alledge he knows my address. I don't want to interrogateb my daughter so I haven't asked her if she has said anything she is 4.

I feel he has interrogated her and manipulated her through toys and found out my address as she does not really know our address but she does know the surrounding example supermarket name fastfood.

where do I stand

Thank you for your question.
STOP! please stop torturing yourself like this.
The solicitors will not have "tweaked" any version of events
If you have moved back to the same street then the most likely explanation is the one given at the start made even more likely if you have moved back to the same street - and even less likely that your daughter gave information
Let this go - you have the case to deal with and the the complaints these are what are important
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i know it is killing me. I am in a state. I cant believe through no fault of my own they terminated my contract disagreed in compensating me and now I have a statement to file and a hearing but I have no solicitor the move caused me a financial loss and I just want justice.

while my ex's solicitor still sent me letter after letter in which I just ignore.

can I request the courts for my ex's solicitor to give an explanation as to how he has linked my current and previous address together as if my solicitor didn't then they have fund out somehow and I need to know how

You do not have any evidence that he has done this - it is almost certainly just a coincidence because you moved back to the same street
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