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Claire, my ex sent a letter thrugh his solicitor requesting

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hi Claire,
my ex sent a letter thrugh his solicitor requesting to take my daughter away for 7 days on a religious pilgrimage and that the paternal grandmother wil supervise the whole time. the letter stated that the trip was commencing on the 28 march.
I did not reply and chose to ignore as they keep sending silly letters and as a mother of 3 children I don't have time as they know the answer. yesterday my daughter went to visit her dad at the paternal grandmothers house.the handover is done between grandparents and it is in the court order they are not suppose to discuss the matter. however when my father went to pick my daughter. the paternal grandmother was very persistent that she wanted to talk to my father my father refused but she begged him and was not handing my daughter according to my dad she was holding her and just looking at my dad to listen to her. to keep matters calm my father agreed to listen to her. in the presence of my daughter she said that she wants to take my daughter on the religious pilgrimage and also that we should now close matters and sort it inhouse and also they will pay maintence 50.00 a week. my dad said the courts are dealing but because aleena was present and the grandmother was adamant to talk my dad just agreed that he will discuss with me and agreed to take her number. she then handed my daughter and my dad left.
this is a clear breach of court order and now my dad does not want to be party of the collecting and drop as he said it was very uncomfortable. this contact at paternal grandmothers is under review and the hearing is 22 april. I don't want my daughter to miss contact can I just put it at the centre for the interim until the hearing.
as even if I go court to vary the order I probably wont get a date much befoe then the 22 april and for the easter week I am not available as going on holiday.
I feel the wole thing is repeating again whereby initially my ex and his family behave and then they start misbehaving and it ends up in centre.
this time the safeguarding officer has put in report move out of centre and if unsuccessful put it back in the centre also the judge had sd the same tyhing in November.
my ex's recent drug results are positive as well
Thank you for your question.
I suggest that you write to the solicitor in the following terms.
"I received your letter of xxx regarding the pilgrimage.
Given the current position it was, with respect , a pointless request to have made - indeed I regard it as harassment given that there was never any likelihood that I would agree.
However on saturday the paternal grandmother refused to hand over xxx until she had spoken with my father about the issue.
She did this whilst holding my daughter.
In the circumstances my father is no longer willing to deal with handovers and since no one else can deal with it I suggest that contact moves back to handovers at the Centre until the next hearing"
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so so much for the above letter you are a star

You are welcome - I hope all goes well