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Customer Question

Hi, I'm married nearly for 4 years to now. And we are together since October 2010. I was a victim of domestic violence and twice it's been reported to the police as well. All this time he's bullying me mentally and kept talking bad about my family. I need to mention that I'm not British and one of the reason he bully's me because I'm foreigner and don't have anyone in the UK except one sister which I hardly see her as I'm worried he do something to her. For example last week at 11pm at night my sister called me as she and her boy friend seen my husband outside of her house throwing small stones to their cars. Luckily my sister has a cctv outside and then he came home and he ordered divorce papers to get divorce of me. He told me I have 5-6 months to stay in the house. My question is that. Firstly when we've got married till 3 months ago we've moved to this house my husband just had a small flat and then about 6 months ago he bought this new place. so he has two properties now. As a wife who lived with him nearly 4 years I want to know what rights I have. I always worked and never asked him to pay for me. I helped him about the house physically and mentally and money wise also I asked one of my friends at work who helped us to doing up the house with a small budget. I wonder can he tell me that easy just go? What is going to happen to all the abuse all the worked I've done? Also want to mention that he was the only man in my life I lived with and since I was 28 to now I'm 33 I was with him and tried to make a life with him but he can't be with anyone as he's done the same to his ex as well. I need to know what can I do?

Also I don't want my question be share any where online as I'm worried my husband find out.


Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law