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I would like to know what rights does a father of my

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I would like to know what rights does a father of my child who is only 5months old have to see our baby, and how often he can take him out.
We broke up when our baby was only 2months old , but he never get involved in looking after baby as he never woke up in the night for him, bathed , or even hardly hold him.
After we broke up he used to see a baby everyday but still I was a main person who looked after him even during visitations. In my opinion our baby doesn't feel 100% secure and confident with father, as he hardly know how to calm him down
Now we made an agreement that he is allowed to take our son every second day for an hour , and every Sunday for 2hours. however , he told me it's not enough for him and he wants more time.
I think it's not fair for a baby to be separated from me even more, that's why I would like to know about how often a father has a right to take baby out for ?
I hope i explained the situation well, thank you very much.
Have a nice day .
Thank you for your question. You have explained the situation very well.
There is no law which states a specific amount of time that a father is entitled to have with his child. The test is what is in the baby's best interests and a number of factors are taken into account including:
1. Age
2. Ability of the father to look after the child on his own
3. Family support
4. Whether the baby is being breast fed
A five month old baby does need his mother and from what you say, both of you should be looking at the baby's interests and it may be that your ex is more interested in his own wishes. You should try to reach an arrangement whereby contact is restricted to a few hours as it is now but increases as the baby gets older. That would be a typical arrangement in this type of situation.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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