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My son's girlfriend moved in with us when she was 3 months

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My son's girlfriend moved in with us when she was 3 months pregnant with my son's first child, a daughter was born in June 2012. Everything appeared to be going well until November 2014, the mother admitted that she didn't love my son and had been having an affair for two months. She left our home that night leaving their daughter with us. The mother is of no true fixed abode at this time. My son paid for two appointments with a local solicitor and everything has been amicable since then. Our house is a small two bedroom property. We are at the point where my granddaughter needs to now move into a bed from a cot. My son and I discussed putting her bed in my room, I am a single divorcee. My son's ex has objected to this suggestion, reason being given is that my granddaughter will see me as her mother should she share my room. I am recently retired, I am 65 in September and the house is mortgaged to me. It is our intention to move to a three bedroom property, but this won't be financially possible until next year. Are we breaking army law if my little granddaughter shares my room until we move into a bigger property? Thank you.
You are perfectly entitled to have the child share the room with you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. I have noticed a typing error in the last sentence of my question to you. I have written army instead of any. Please confirm this mistake makes no difference to your advice as given.
This makes no difference - you are in law entitled to share the room with the child. Please remember to rate positively.
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