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I'm 76 years old and getting a bit forgetful. Last week I went

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I'm 76 years old and getting a bit forgetful. Last week I went to a store where I had shopped for 30 odd years. I had a plastic bag with a piece of hose pipe and an attachment that I needed a connector for. I found one for 65p which stupidly I put back in the plastic bag. Then equally stupidly I forgot it was there and didn't declare it at the checkout. Two men from the shop saw me and marched me through the massive ground floor, one man in front and one behind, with all the customers looking on, as if I was going to make a run for it with my dodgy hip and my walking stick. Up 2 flights of stairs to the office where I was interrogated in a way that was quite unacceptable and in the end, after the manageress had calmed things down, I was banned from the store for three months.
My question is "Would they have to prove, in law, that I had intended to steal the connector and that it was not simply a mistake?
Thank you for your question.
You are quite right and it is disgraceful the way you were treated. To prove a crime it has to be established that you intended to steal the item. In this case it could be established that you have the means to pay and just didn't because you you forgot. It's unlikely that you would ever be charged and convicted.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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