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My son and his girlfriend bought a house together moats August.

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My son and his girlfriend bought a house together moats August. The are now splitting up. The house cost 130000. He put in £26000 paid the solicitor fees. He has also spent about 15000 of his own money buying a new kitchen and bathroom.they had a joint account into which they both put£700 each a month to cover mortgage and household bill. What are his rights please
Do you know whether this was set out in a deed of trust at the start of the purchase? Also what is the house now worth?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't know . They did sign an agreement that if they sold there would be a 60/40 split. The house is now worth about 150.000 due to the improvements my son has done and paid for
The key is to look at the wording of this document because that may set out the rules for the sale. If it does not then what would normally happen is that he would be entitled to his money out of the property first (the £26,000 and £15,000 - the joint payments do not really matter) and then the remainder (if anything) would be divided between the two. I hope this helps.Please rate positively.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Am I able to come back at a later date if I have more information . Thank you
You are - but please remember to rate and ask for me next time
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