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I am currently going through a separation with my partner and

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I am currently going through a separation with my partner and I am concerned about our daughters welfare in regards ***** ***** ex partners mother. On 2 occasions in 2013 she bit my daughter and pulled her hair there has also been a lot of emotional abuse from her and my partner, I made the decision that I wanted her to stay away from myself and if she was to see my daughter it was to be supervised my partner at the time agreed, over the past year and a half he has gradually tried to put his mum in my life and we have split this weekend as he took our 4 year daughter to see his mum and she keeps calling her 'Pest' which is very childish so I have just told my daughter to teach her nice names, but what has really concerned me is that she has told my daughter that terrorists are nice people, I did serve in the RAF for 6 years and feel this is again a childish comment however I feel I have the right to stop this lady being with my child unsupervised any advice would be great
how old is the child and does the partner have parental responsibility
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Lilly is 4 and he is on her birth certificate but she will remain living full time with me

Ok I can see your concern. As you both have parental responsibility he is allowed to spend time when he is with the child with whomsoever he wishes as long as they are safe. You have a few options, either sit down with him and attempt to persuade him to restrict his mother seeing the child unless perhaps she promises not to say such things or act in a certain way; this can be done face to face or through a formal mediation process (MIAM). If this doesn't work then you would have to make an application to the court for father's 'contact' to be more formalised and seeking either restrictions on who can spend time with the child. The court would want evidence that it is her who are making such comments or acting in this way and that this is causing some emotional harm - this is not always straight forward as the court is reluctant to reduce such contact. I would be happy to discuss further. Please rate positively.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have already tried to speak with him and there is no compromise on this, so maybe next step is MIAM, what could be classed as evidence if it went to court as I have been seeing a private therapist who has over a year of notes on all of the case, also when I was in the RAF I was seeing a CPN and was diagnosed with adjustment disorder when I returned to work and my CPN stopped me going away on tour as my child would have been looked after by his mum, this is the reason I left the RAF, where do I stand in regards ***** ***** biting and hair pulling as myself and my partner witnessed the hair puling and my partner witnessed her biting her which I am sure he will fully deny now, also my partners mother has been under the mental health team for being mentally unstable

The evidence is tying this into the paternal grandmother. Basically if you or someone else (not normally a child this young) is overhearing such comments. If you are in court proceedings then you can ask the CAFCASS officer to undertake a safeguarding check on the paternal grandmother.Please rate
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

About 12 years ago there was a case raised about another granddaughter, Im not sure about all the details just that the girls mother had reported her to the social services on how she was treating her daughter who was young at the time

Well these go to support your argument; but the court and CAFCASS will be much more interested in what is happening now.
One of the advantages that you have if it is necessary to issue court proceedings would be to request that CAFCASS undertake a s.7 report and can look into your concerns about the paternal grandmother.
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