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I have a recent child arrangement order giving me (father):

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I have a recent child arrangement order giving me (father): two weeks in summer, alternating autumn and spring half-terms, half of easter and every other weekend and every Wednesday evening.
Child was ill during one of my weeks in summer, mother didnt offer me to look after her when she was ill and refuses to makeup the time.
I'm going to take it back to court but what is normally included in a contact order to address this? i.e. is it for contact lost due to illness ti be made-up or is it for me to have contact regardless of whether she is ill.
Let me see if I can help you. Your starting point would be to enforce the current order on the basis that the mother failed to allow the child to spend time with you - the fact that the child is poorly should not necessarily have prevented you as a parent from looking after the child. You should also seek that the time is made up, particularly as there are 7 weeks in the summer for most schools this year. The mother should be being more sensible/reasonable and offering to rearrange your week/s in any event.Please remember to rate
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