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I reside in England and have recently petitioned

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I reside in England and have recently petitioned for divorce from my wife (in England), and she has now moved to her home town in Scotland with our 2 young children. I committed adultery, but was only allowed to put down Unreasonable behaviour as the reason for divorce, to which she is disgusted at, and is willing to pay £1000's to get it changed to Adultery. She says she has a reason behind this, and I am wondering if it could be something to do with the equal custody of the children, or preventing me from seeing them as often as I'd like, or is it possible for her to stop me from taking them back to England, or just seeing the woman I had an affair with? My wife has a full-time job and I am part time self employed and carried out most of the childcare in England, and the woman I had an affair with was the mother of one of my daughters best friends, so my wife claims that it will be distressing for my daughter to find this out. Any ideas what she could possibly enforce as a result of having the divorce changed to Adultery?
The basis behind divorce these days is really no fault - so to divorce on the ground of adultery is not very common or necessary. It is not a factor in any contact arrangements regarding children and gains no merit before the court. It is not a factor in any of the examples which you have provided above. It may simply be something to do with her wanting you to be guilty and a pointless power play by her.I hope this helpsPlease remember to rate
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