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How can we change the name of a US citizen (my wife) living

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How can we change the name of a US citizen (my wife) living in the UK (with an EEA family member residence card in it)? She wants to change her current name back to her maiden name, so her US passport carries the same name as her current Russian passport.
However, we only want to change the name, we are not getting divorced or anything. Is that even possible to do then!? How would we proceed?
Thank you for your question.
Your wife could at any point change her name to any name that she likes.
Issues however tend to arise when your wife seeks to either apply for/ renew/ amend official documents or undertaking a task such as opening a bank account.
Your wife could record any new name she wishes to use by signing a Change of Name Deed. There is also a online Deed Poll service.
Deeds can be Enrolled so there is a central record however this is quite a lengthy process.
From your description I understand that it is your wife's US passport that she is seeking to amend. You need to contact the US Embassy so that they can confirm what they would require in order to support an application for change of name.
Kind Regards
Positive feedback gratefully received. I am new to this service and would be thankful for positive feedback.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi,thanks for your answer.As to the deed poll, what would be the advantage of enrolling a deed, compared to using!? Do you think the home office would accept a online deed poll!?many thanks.
Thank you for your question. For a UK passport a Change of Name Deed is usually accepted - without the need for enrolment. However as you are wanting to change a name on a US passport it's best to speak to the US embassy first to find out what their requirements are.
Enrolling a Deed is quite a lengthy process and may not be required.
Kind regards
I would be grateful for positive feedback
Kind regards
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