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I am moving house soon and will be no further away from my

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I am moving house soon and will be no further away from my ex partner, the father of my 16 month old son. I have looked after my son alone for since he was 3 months old and in that time my ex has only paid my son 5 monthly maintenance payments. What would be the next step for me to access support for my son as regards maintenance.
My ex has had unlimited access to his son as long as it was arranged for a convenient time. This access has been with myself as he was asked to leave my house because I caught him smoking Skunk whilst in charge of our son. Recently I have handed the access responsibility to my father as my ex was upsetting me greatly each time we met. Now he has turned up unannounced to my workplace, I am a lifeguard at a leisure centre and been fairly abusive verbally, he has also threatened to snatch my son from my mother's house ( she babysits on Saturdays and Sundays while I am at work). This weekend he turned up at her house and rang the bell, but ran away before she had opened the door. He has previously by text(saved) threatened to break into her house and take Reece.
When I move house am I legally obliged to tell him where I live? He will still have access supervised by my family, until he proves by taking a hair drugs test that he is off drugs, until then I am scared to let him have Reece for unsupervised access.
If he is being threatening then you could apply to the court for a non molestation order. This would prevent him from coming near you if you are scared of him. With respect to the issue of contact if matters can not be resolved by mediation between the two of you - then you may need to apply to the court for a child arrangement order. This will ensure that all matters are progressed via court order which may well give you extra protection. You should also contact the JSA regarding maintenance.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

You have not answered the question as to whether I have to disclose my new address to him. His access to my son will remain the same.

Plus what do the initials JSA stand for?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I really need to know if I have to disclose my new address to him, as he will still be able to have regular access with his son?

You do not need to disclose the address if you are worried about him. There is no obligation on you to provide this information under the Children Act.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you I will not disclose my new address because I am worried about him.

Just back to my question, what is JSA, are you talking about job seekers allowance, why would that be helpful in pursuing maintenance payments?

Hello, I think I am fingers and thumbs today - I was referring to CMS - which is the Child Maintenance Service.I hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.


That makes sense

Thank you