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Can my daughter stop her ex from seeing their child. He continually threatens her with cou

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Can my daughter stop her ex from seeing their child. He continually threatens her with court. She agrees visiting times. He agrees then few days later wants more. Now he is threatening court cos she has taken child (3 yrs old) out of play school due to.costs. he continually texts her when it's her day with daughter and she feels harassed and is getting worn down by him
I am afraid she will be criticised if she stop the father seeing the child, but I would turn it on its head and in light of his actions take him to court to formalise with a court order the contact which he gets. She should apply for a child arrangement order - this will both stop him harassing her and mucking about with changing contact.Happy to discussPlease rate positively
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Is she giving him adequate visiting as she has been told by friends in similar position that she is giving too much access

He demanded he have child next week before he starts new job.can she refuse as not enough notice

Yes she can refuse if this is not enough notice for her or she has other plans - she can insist on a regular pattern of contact - not as and when. Please rate positively
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