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I was due to collect my daugter on a wednesday to take her

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I was due to collect my daugter on a wednesday to take her on holiday for a few days, on the Sunday prior to this I recieved the following e-mail from the mother.
xxxx has chicken pox.
Including a high temperature and loss of appetite She has had a few nosebleeds too.
She'll be 'quarantined' for a minimum of 5 days, as per doctors advice.
The mother via her solicitor is now stating that;
at no time did our client refuse for you to have xxxxx for the 5 days in question
The mother solicitor has stated that they will strongly contest my court request to makeup the time and seek all legal costs from me.
Can you confirm that the mother's email was in fact refusing my access for 5 days as I believe it does and could not be interpreted in some way that I still have the option to look after her when she was ill.
It appears very clear to me that the email was implying that you would not be having contact for those 5 days with your daughter. I do not think the court would consider a different interpretation.Happy to discussPlease rate positively - thanks
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