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I have been paying child maintenance 17 year old

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Hi I have been paying child maintenance for my 17 year old daughter since she was born. This was arranged and agreed between me and her mother. My daughter moved to Abu Dhabi with her step father, mother, and sister in 2011 and then moved from Abu Dhabi
to Bangkok in August 2014 where she is doing a diploma which is the equivalent of A levels in the UK. They chose to move abroad due to the lifestyle they can have with my daughters step fathers job. I visited Abu Dhabi twice whilst they were living there.
Due to the limited time they come back to the UK I see my daughter for a maximum 7 days a year. My daughter turns 18 next July. Could you please tell me what the law states in regards ***** ***** paying child maintenance whilst my daughter is living abroad? and
whether maintenance will stop when my daughter turns 18? Thanks, Patrick
Hello Patrick
Thank you for your question. I am solicitor and will try and help you.
I note that your daughter is currently living in Thailand, is nearly 18 and is about to start a course that is equivalent to A levels.
Under UK law Child Maintenance is payable under your daughter turns 20 or enters advanced education. A course equivalent to A levels is not advanced education but further education. A university equivalent course would be classed advanced education.
The issue is enforcement. The Uk has reciprocal agreements with a lot of countries to enforce child maintenance - called REMO. Thailand is not part of REMO.
The mother could however seek to obtain a maintenance order through her local court then seek recognition then enforcement in the UK. I am not an expert in Thai Law so I do not know how easy / difficult it would be for the mother to do this.
Kind Regards
I would be grateful if you could kindly rate my answer. I am new to this service and positive feedback is gratefully received.
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