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My daughters mother and I have an agreement my

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My daughters mother and I have an agreement for sharing my daughter, 4yrs old,which has been successfully in operation for a couple of years and on written record from her solicitor in January 2014. As the result of a grudge on my daughters mothers part, she would not let me have my daughter yesterday evening and last night. I am concerned that this has now created a precident especially as she has threatened to stop me seeing my daughter.
The grudge was because I took my daughter to a fun centre with her mothers recently ex partner (whom she had been living with for a year and whom my daughter is very fond) and his niece - my daughters best friend.
How should I proceed?
As this is the first time that this has happened I would not rush to court. I would remind her both verbally and then in writing that you will take this matter back to court if this type of incident happens again (keep a copy of the letter or email) - keep it all very simple and friendly. You are entailed in law to go with whatever 'friends' you want to as long as there are no safeguarding reasons preventing a child from seeing someone. You both have the same responsibilities/rights to a child and you are entitled to your contact - it is not in the child's best interests when it is stopped at the whim of one party.Happy to discussPlease remember to rate positively - thanks
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My daughters mother believes that she has total care of my daughter and that it is only by her "good grace" I am allowed to see her. She has been threatening me with restricting my access if I did not comply with her instructions. She is a volatile person and I feel that I need some sort of support - hence I think I should try to obtain a legal opinion which she cannot flout and for her to realise that I have rights too.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We have not been to court before - the agreement was between her, her solicitor and myself.
Yes - you are just creating evidence if necessary (hopefully not to be used) should there be court proceedings