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I am representing myself to defend against a malicious

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I am representing myself to defend against a malicious emergency non molestation order got by my ex for her and the kids (she has legal aid - I have been refused it even though I am on disability bens) alleging violence against me when it was her that
was violent when she went mad attacking me to give her money for drugs.She was a prostitute before we met and must have got hooked then. She put her former profession and drugs in a council housing application to get moved to a new borough as it was too dangerous
to go be housed in her old one as she owed money to dealers and pimps. Can I refer to this in my statement as her drugs (which she will deny) are the reason for the problems? I saw her fill out the housing form in the council office. Even better, can I put
it in my witness statement that I want an order for this paperwork if she denies this?
what is the state of the court proceedings?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
She has an emergency non Molestation Order (got in my absence). I appeared in family court to state I will be contesting it and was told by the judge to put in my witness statement within 4 weeks. As there is no statement of claim / defence as far as I am aware in Family Court, just a witness statement from each parent, I need to know if I can ask the items above in my witness statement as there is no other document to put it into.
You can ask for this information - you can also refer to this information in your statement - but the court are really going to look at her allegations and consider whether they are correct on the balance of probabilitiesHappy to discussPlease rate positively
I hope that this helps - happy to discussPlease remember to rate positively - thanks
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