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I need advise please? I've 2 children (9&11) and I've done

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i need advise please?
I've 2 children (9&11) and I've done the telephone conversations and the letters, we now meet for an hour every two weeks. myself and the caffcas officer have asked my ex wife to carry the telephone contact in the week that contact is in place. my ex agreed but docent answer. After emailing etc, and the third week there was no answer, her solicitor said 'only if it is agreed in court '. How do i Apply to the courts, please?
I'm my own court representative.
My last contact with my children is tomorrow (Wednesday), before I go to Nepal to do a solo trek form Jiri to Mount Everest, for charity. then I'm back to court in November toward out further contact.
Myself and the caffcas officer think its important for the children that i have telephone contact weekly when I'm away. lathes was not thought of in court. surprise????
What application do i need to fill in?
My children want to be with me, we have a wonderful relationship.
thank you for reading this
Let me see if I can help you. Firstly the fact that the CAFCASS officer is aware of the fact that you are attempting telephone contact and your ex is not picking up is very helpful. I would formally write to the other side's solicitor telling them that you are bringing the matter back to court because you are not being allowed telephone contact - you can bring the matter back to court on a Form C2 application. You need to tell the court that it is an urgent application pending your trip. This is the form - to discuss - please remember to rate positively - thanks
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you, ***** *****

I know have a date for the application and need to submit a witness statement. As, I'm going to the Himalayas and my Phone signal will be hit n miss, so i can't practicalIy follow as set timetable as before, with a previous agreement. I'd like to ask for communication to be threw a internet app like Skype? The children have told me they have an iPad each and chat to there friends in there bed rooms in the evening. So, rather than having a set time, i could log in to the internet at various tea houses and see if they are on line. Wether i can trust my ex to allow them to log in? or should i ask, that there app be on ever night at a set time like 6-7pm.So when I'm at an internet connection i can Skype them, if there on line.

I'd like advise please on what I ask for? How I word it? and anything I can add to stop her having excuses for non contact. Is this possible?

Regards Adrian

It is very much a chicken and egg problem. In many ways it is better to have a set time every day or week but you will be criticised I am sure if for whatever reason you are unable to make the call - therefore it may be easier to phone (Skype) when you are able - although you then have the risk that they will not answer and it is less easy to manage. This is why the first is usually easier by way of a court order - but both are possible. Happy to discuss. Please remember to rate for the additional question.