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I would like an injunction against my cousin to never contact

Customer Question

I would like an injunction against my cousin to never contact me, or distress my life again amongst all forms of social media, communicating with others; spreading false rumours about me and never coming to my home , calling me or anything.
Is this possible and are there any conditions that need to be met for this to be approved by a court.
My story is below;
I am a male , this altercation happened around November 2012, i was 21 my cousin being 17 turning 18 a female, one certain day in November my 2 cousins had contacted me to ask if they could stay round my home whilst my mother was away as I had a free house.
I had asked why? They had said they both had arguments with their parents; I replied and allowed them to stay in my home under 1 condition, which they both clean up after themselves, after eating, or shower or anything.
12 hours went by and I woke up the following morning came downstairs to them both who were sleeping on the sofas, woke them up at around 10am to 10.30am, quoting: come on guys wake up. Cousin A did help how ever Cousin B did not help after hours of asking till 1pm I ask if she could at least just clean her plates she continuously ignored my requests whilst being on her mobile 24/7.
She tested my patience and eventually I said to her “if you don’t get up and help just pack your bags and get out my house now” she laughed in manipulation and spitefulness, then I grabbed her by the arms literally dragging her and threw her out my house with her belongings.
She then walked away quoting “You wait and see what I do to you”
she said this to me via mouth and in text multiple times, my anger got the best of me , I jumped into my car and drove to my aunties home to confront Cousin B as to why she feels the need to use me and my home when I cooked and cleaned for her and then treat me the way she did, as I spoke to my auntie, Cousin B grew frustration and started chucking her shoes at me from the top of the stairs.
I went midway to the stairs to restrict her from throwing things at me, then she walked down to her neighbours and called the police, the police arrived and she lied to them saying I threw her down the stairs.
The police arrested me and took statements from Me , Cousin A and B. I told the police everything that happened and Cousin A and B statements were lies and the police dropped it.
after this altercation between me and Cousin B, she has gone round my whole family and her then and now BF spreading rumours that I sexually harassed her by groping her genitalia on the day she stayed round my home with Cousin A being their too.
I confronted my cousin about this and she denied it yet many family members confirmed that she said it, I decided to forgive her as my mum made me. our relationship began to become better after a year 1. then 3 months ago my cousins bf randomly messaged me on face book quoting “Hi mate listen this is none of my business , but why my gf telling me your haven’t changed after 2 years, I would just like to know you side of it”
Cousin B automatically contacted me straight away quoting “omg I having a break down, please do not read what my bf has sent you its not the truth im sorry etc…”…I then confronted cousin B again in front of her mum telling her to leave me alone stop contacting me for favours and act like you care then manipulate and be sly by spreading false disgusting rumours about me which is not true.
She kept quite and smirked, she’s a pathological liar and I am very stressed by this, I am not a person to take accusations like this lightly its not a rumour that I can just forget and now I am stuck in between 2 minds.
To call the police and report and tell them what she has said? Though I am scared in the police may arrest me because it involves accusation of sexual harassment! Though I am willing for this because I have not done anything.
Or 2 seek help from a solicitor who can help me and guide to stop this harassment or at least sanction her with the law if there is any type of law orders that may help me to stop her from doing this other wise she faces being arrested and charges brought against her.
This is something I can not lay to rest she may find it easy spreading disgusting rumours but it plays on my mind as to why and how she could use me for favours and act like she cares even as now present when all in her head she is spreading vicious and damaging, lies about me that could effect my social life, reputation etc..
It is not fair because my mum and family whom support me tell me to ignore it which I did for 2 years then it was brought back up again. Its very hard for me and to be honest I just want some sought of lawful force to threaten her and say “if you ever you contact this man again we will arrest you or what ever”... Can this be done?
I am sorry for the lengthy explanation. I am now 24, and she is 21
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.
I rather think what you actually need is to get a solicitor to write a letter to her asking her to desist from making these comments - which you consider to be defamation and harassment. A solicitor can for about £100-200 plus VAT write such a letter threatening court proceedings against her - I would have thought that this type of letter would actually do the trick and put an end to this nonsense. Any other action would potentially have the risk of escalating matters still further. I would be happy to discuss but can you please rate positively. Thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Of course i shall rate positively as soon as we are finished.

yes i will go ahead and do that for sure, i understand things like these are a civil matter ? if i was to call the police what would happen in the likely hood ?.

the problem is she is a very very very sly and dangerous person who makes up lies and causes trouble out of nothing , i am torn between 2 minds. that one day she falsely accuse me of groping to the police.

As of now she denies that she never said anything to her boyfriend , so for the families sake we continued talking, then i noticed that she blocked my incomming calls, or social media etc..i then asked her what has gotten you into this manic switch why is it when you need something from me im here for you as family, yet when i contact you to to pass a message to your mum , my calls are diverted and social media is blocked.

I shouldn't have to put up with this its not fair, she just denied and denied, as she has always done.

Im kind of torn and tbh i just want her to leave me alone and never contact me again , is there no form injuction that could be applied to her ? as well as getting the defamation letter sent to her. ?

Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.
If you contact the police they should contact her - but they would also investigate her allegations if she stands by her allegations. You can apply to the court for a non molestation order - The problem with any such injunction is that they are normally time limited (6 months, 12 months) and if she opposes the order then there would be a hearing to determine whether there are merits in the allegations - a sense that things could just escalate and hence the original suggestion to bring matters to an end. Happy to discuss - please rate positively - thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

what if she ignored the the defamation request made by the solicitor to stop harassing me, what would i have to do next if she continued ?.

Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.
If that happened then you could always consider the non molestation - but there is merit in trying the solicitor letter first to hopefully bring the matter to a close. Happy to discuss. Please rate positively - thanks
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.
Dear Simon,

Can I remind you to rate positively as you promised - happy to help with anything else. Thanks