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Im in need of correct advice before i can act i now have

Customer Question

hi im in need of correct advice before i can act
i now have full parental rights of my 6 month old daughter as for the first 6months my child was put on an intrum care order as i have a diagnosis of parinoid schizophenia after going through all assessments they gave me back full parental rights i have rules in written agrement sinse then without informing me the social worker and the mental health team have made arrangements that my child has to live with my parents and i need to stay alone and take sleeping pills and haven given me any reason for this other than its because im stressed because i worry about my child and have taken her to the hospital a couple of times ( with good reason wich i have proved to my social worker and mental health team my solicitor called me today and said this is not right there has to be good reason plus it has to go to court i have not agreed to this and want my child back as everyone is clear ive never put my child in any sort of danger my only crime is being over protective i haven been consulted on any of these arrangements the first i knew was when i tried to take my daughter home from my parents who said they would call the police on me
i have to ad i was meant to be getting discharged from the menal health team back to the gp on the 6 th of this month and they are now trying to say i need to be watched to take my medication thats how there justifiying there actions i will speak to my own solicitor tomorrow but i cant stop thinking about why or how this can happen so id like some advise please x
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.
Are the care proceedings continuing?