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I'm white Christian father and mother is Muslim. I have a court

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I'm white Christian father and mother is Muslim. I have a court case coming up where the mother arguing our 4 year old daughter is a Muslim with a pack of lies and a good barrister to support her, she wants me to start only feeding her halal and not drink in front of her etc. I have been seeing my daughter every other weekend and one night in week for couple of years. I strongly belief that it would be changing who I am with my daughter. She eats whatever she wants when she's been with me during this time and I refuse to buy halal food which I have always thought is cruel. I want to say to the court that I will not obey any such ruling even if it means me losing access which is how I feel, my solicitor is advising me against saying I will give up contact to the court. Don't get me wrong I love my daughter to bits and losing access would destroy me but I think it would be the right thing to do if the court ruled in favour of the mother. What do you think to me saying this if it's how I feel?
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Thank you for your question. I am a solicitor and will assist you.
I note that your daughter is 4 years old and also the respective positions of the faith of yourself and her mother.
Four is a young age and if agreement can't be reached between you then the court will have to decide.
If the court doesn't rule in your favour on this issue then I do not think that it is wise to stop seeing your daughter - no matter how strongly you feel.
Your daughters needs to know the heritage of both her parents and be involved in both of your lives. Your daughter needs to experience her heritage with you also and enjoy special occasions such as Christmas and Easter - this will be denied to her if you stop spending time with her.
Your daughter needs to experience both faiths. If the court does rule against you now then this doesn't mean that when your daughter is older and competent enough to make a decision for herself that she might well decide that one faith or the other isn't for her. If you stop seeing your daughter then you are denying her this opportunity.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, I understand your viewpoint but if I stood my ground which I do think is the right thing to do, as my daughter would not know the real me, would it stand against me in court and weaken my position?
I would hope a Judge would take it as you standing by your conviction - although the courts really do consider it is best for a child to have a relationship with both parents.
Kind Regards