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My two sons (aged 12 & 14) live with me in the UK. They

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Hi. My two sons (aged 12 & 14) live with me in the UK. They spend 3 weeks each summer in the USA with their father. My 14 year old returned this year with a knife that his father had bought.. he was told not to tell me about it. I already knew as my son had posted about it on social media. Is this a safeguarding issue? I am no longer happy for them to stay with their father. Their 14 year old step brother was bought a gun (for hunting apparently) whilst they were there and their 7 year old half brother has a bb gun!! I know the laws in Texas differ to ours but what is he thinking?? We have a long and protracted court history so I cannot speak to my ex as he is not balanced or civil with me. Thanks.
Welcome to Just Answer
Thank you for your question.
I am sorry to hear about the difficulties that you are experiencing with the father of your children.
I am surprised to hear that your son managed to get a knife through US and UK customs!
Given yours sons ages - please can you tell me what their wishes and feelings are?
Also what court order is currently in place - what does it say?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The knife was in a suitcase wrapped in clothes so was undetected. Both of my sons find the summer contact difficult. My youngest has anxiety issues (separation anxiety) so lots of tears before contact. Both cope with it but being in Texas is so far removed from their usual environment.
The court order is for 3 weeks staying contact in the USA during the summer, one week contact in the UK at Xmas and Easter. This Easter their father decided not to fly here so they didn't see him. My 14 year old has been led to believe that there will only be summer contact next year as their grandmother is moving from Uk to Texas and UK contact is always at her house.
A 14 year old in possession of a knife is just irresponsible parenting/behaviour. I do not want either of my sons exposed to knives or guns. My eldest was told this year by his American stepmother that if anyone steps on her land she would shoot them. What is my life??
Also, should I hand this knife into the police?
Thank you for your response.
I agree that this does appear very irresponsible and could put your children at risk.
Given your sons wishes and feelings about the contact and the concerns that you have - I think you do need to take action.
Although communication is likely to be difficult - you should write and set out your concerns.
Mediation isn't likely to be an option because of the father being in America.
If your not satisfied with the responses and your sons are saying they still don't want to go - then you need to return the matter back to court - Form C100 - seeking a discharge / variation of the current contact order.
I think that you should hand the knife to the police but do take pictures first so that this can be produced to the court if required.
Kind Regards
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