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I have been having ongoing issues with my ex. We were in

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Hi I have been having ongoing issues with my ex. We were in court and contact were ordered to be at the contact centre. This still continued awaiting Cafcass report under section 7. My ex have been difficult throughout. He stopped paying any child maintenance
telling the CSA that he moved to South Africa permanently giving an address over there and a telephone number. The CSA said they do not believe it as he called them from somewhere within the UK . My ex also told the Cafcass officer to be leaving in France
permanently and was a student. Having unsuccessfully explain to the cafcass officer that my ex wasn't honest in his story: during my interview with the cafcass officer I called the CSA and they spoke together and realised to have two versions of the same story
told by the same person. I just don't think that this is fair. My ex still come to the contact twice a month everyone seems to know he isn't honest about his ways but nothing is done about it and I am the one who has to go through extreme length to provide
for the children and meet up with the contact arrangement. I was thinking of getting a private detective agency to trace him in order to put an end to this circus he has orchestrated. How legal is this? How can I tied up his dishonesty to the court, the CSA,
and the fact that he is refusing to contribute financially to the children needs and placing more pressure one me? Thanks Judith
There is nothing to stop you from instructing private detectives in financial disputes - it is actually more common than you may realise. Happy to discuss.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you ThomasWould evidence found be admissible in court or by the CSA?
Is there a way to argue my case by tying everything together?Judith
Yes if you have good evidence that he is lying then you would be able to rely on this evidence - you can not tie in a financial or contact hearing in the way that you are suggesting - they are treated differently - please remember to rate positively - thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I understand the distinction and the fact that child contact is separate from child maintenance. Even if he doesn't pay the child maintenance, can I argue how financially straining it is for me to make the trip back and forth, to and from the contact centre? Can I argue that he could at least help with the travel cost?
You can invite him to help you with travel costs but the court do not within children proceedings have the power to make him contribute to travel costs - although some judges will exert considerable pressure on this point. Please rate positively - thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you ThomasCan I say that, I cannot make the trip because I cant afford it?
Yes you can - but the courts are sadly not always sympathetic as they sometimes see this as a person trying to avoid contact - thats all. There is no harm is making the comment and as I stated they may be sympathetic - the court also has the power to get the LA to offer financial support under a family assistance order for contact. I hope that this helps - please rate positively
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the answers
my pleasure