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What should i do with the house

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Good afternoon, I am currently engaged with my partner of 7 years and 8 months since may this year. We have been looking for a property over the last three years, and now that we finally found one we came to the point of almost breaking up.When we saw the property we decided we are both buying it together. But now, that the papers from the conveyancing solicitors were sent to us, he is saying that he wants to buy it alone. My point is that if we are getting married and also we both had agreed that we were buying it together, he changed his mind last minute and he says that because He wants to have it on his name. He even offered me to live with him rent free, and no pay bills or anything. So I am refusing of doing that, because if we are getting married, I want the house to feel like is mine too, so I said that I want it to be in both names, and we can split 50/50 the cost of bills and house things, so he doesn't have to pay for everything. The issue here is that he is putting 120000 and I am putting all what I have saved 21000. He is scared of loosing the money in case we break up( his parents divorced 7 years ago, and they keep fighting) so I suggested him, whatever you put in during the years to take back, and whatever I put in I take it back and the difference we can do it proportional to the total amounts. But he wants to set now, as we speak, the percentage for each of the house, or buy it alone. I feel betrayed( not only to add, I was working for his narcissistic father whom control him and the moment he found out we were getting married and involved with a house he started telling him, not to married as it is a waste and also not to buy the house with me, and that instead he will give him the money). To add to this chaotic situation he (father) fired me unfairly three weeks ago, and the case is because he is my fiancee's family i can't take any legal actions against him. Any advice? Thanks and good evening.


Thank you for your question.

I am a Solicitor and will assist you.

If he buys the house alone and you remain unmarried - then if you were to split up - you would only have a claim in respect of the property if you had 1) contributed towards the deposit, 2) made payments towards a mortgage and / or 3) added value to the property through renovation / redecoration.

If the house is bought in joint names and you remain unmarried - if bought as joint tenants it would be presumed that you own 50%. If bought as tenants in common - then a certain defined share would be yours.

If the house is bought in his sole name - and then you got married - then you would be entitled to may a claim in respect of all the matrimonial finances (including the property) should you later divorce. This means that your later marriage overrides the position.

If the house in bought in joint names - either tenants in common or joint tenants - then your later marriage still overrides the position as to who oens what - the hous again becomes a matrimonial asset.

Kind regards


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