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I have been to court where it was decided the children live

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i have been to court where it was decided the children live with me but dad sees them twice a week. picking them up from school. today is his day but my daughter has a hospital apt. dad was informed of apt as soon as i received it over a week ago. i put in place a plan i would collect her take her to apt and drop off back at dads, while he collected the others from school as times clash. today at 945 he infoms me he does not allow this to happen and he will collect all taking them out of school early and take all to a hearing apt. this will negativly inpact on the apt itself. as its his day he is saying he has the right to pull the children out of school and doesnt care about what the school or i are saying. school thinks as i have residency i should be allowed to collect only my daughter and take to hospital. is this correct can i inforce this? he wont listen to reason...two parents two palces divide and get it done....
How many children relate to the court order? Can you explain please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
All 3 children. My son who is 4 my daughter who has the apt today who is 7 and my eldest who is 9
Strictly speaking you need to comply with the court order. This is incredibly frustrating as clearly the father is trying to be as disruptive as possible. If you do no comply then he can bring the matter back to court for enforcement - that said I think that the court would be very sympathetic to your position in this case. Happy to discuss . Please rate positive.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was going to take straight to his house after apt. We would be at his house before he gets back from school with all the other children. Guess i have to see what he does...looks like court again...great another 5k down at this rate ill be backrupt soon. Thank you. I will rate as positive
He is being very silly in my view and the court would consider that his actions are harming the children.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Its my fault for having been nice as judge was only going to give him 1 day during week i said he could have 2 as children need both mom and dad so i thought a split of as close to 50/50 was best. I was silly for thinking we could handle this with the childrens best intrests at heart. My erro now affecting children last thing i wanted. But its not the first thing he has done since court wont be the last guess at some point i have to decide where to draw the line and go back to fighting...just didnt want to spend the money as im still paying off the last time we went to court, dont think my credit card and take much more of this. Thank you im going to take the gamble and go get her from school see what happens....

My pleasure - come back as necessary